Sunday, August 14, 2016

Chicken Basting Sauce

I fixed this sauce to pour over chicken and bake it.  We really liked it and I wanted to save it. Just a splash of this and that.  I didn't have ingredient amounts.  Have enough butter to basted it with and just pinchs and splashes of everything else.

Real lemonjuice
hot pepper flakes
garlic powder
black pepper
onion powder

Additions:  You know you can make it what you want based on flavors you like.  Suggestions/variations would be:  white wine, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, hot sauces, any kind of sauce you like in your fridge or pantry.  This is what makes cooking fun.  Experimenting.

And I've found that chicken cooked in a clay pot OR even in a pyrex dish with the cover on - allows more of the juices and flavor to be kept, whereas a metal pan often dries it out.  Learning this has really made a difference in our chicken dinners.  We used to always use a metal pan. 

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